Wagman Geotechnical Tieback WallsTiebacks are a horizontal wire or rod that reinforce retaining walls for stability. These tiebacks are anchored on one end to the wall and to a stable structure on the other. This could be a concrete deadman that’s been driven into the ground or anchored into the earth with resistance. The structure resists the forces that would otherwise cause the wall to lean.

Watkins Mill Tieback Wall
VECP 10,433 SF Permanent Top Down Tieback Wall

Wagman Geotechnical Services Tieback Walls

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Tieback Walls Projects

Penn State University - College of Engineering West
State College, PA

College of Engineering West, Penn State University

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Dr. Reddy's APR Facility
Schoharie County, NY

Dr. Reddy’s APR Facility

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Wagman Geotechnical Tieback Walls

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