Wagman Geotechnical Construction Project

Copper Beech Townhomes, Area 4

  • Location

    Harrisonburg, VA

  • Duration

    June 2022 - December 2022

Wagman’s Geotechnical Construction Group was awarded a second project at the Copper Beech Townhome site in Harrisonburg, VA, which provided slope stability and settlement control in the deep fill area adjacent to two sections of occupied townhomes.

With significant settlement of the structures in additional townhome blocks, there was a need for the design and construction of two permanent retaining walls running parallel with the run of townhomes. These walls provided the lateral stability for the fill area under the townhomes. It also allowed for regrading of the slopes in front of the new walls lending to a more gradual grade change to the property line. Pipe piles with permanent tiebacks provided the lateral support of the fill conditions and a permanent shotcrete facing was applied for the finished wall.

Key Challenges & Project Details

  • Access to the site had to be created using several hundred tons of fill, as the existing slopes were too steep for equipment benches.
  • Occupied townhome decks were only 12′ from the face of the new wall. Additional planning was required for drill benches and the wall system installation methods.