Wagman Geotechnical Construction Project

7th and Walnut

  • Location

    Allentown, PA

  • Duration

    March 2019 - August 2019

Wagman’s Geotechnical Construction Group was part of a team including the project geotechnical engineer, site work contractor, and construction manager, that designed the temporary excavation support for this major project in downtown Allentown, Pa. It was part of the larger redevelopment effort underway in Allentown for the last decade. Wagman’s early involvement in the project assisted the team in providing the most cost-effective access to the site over the duration of the project.

The design was challenged by a number of underground utilities surrounding the site, including a large electric duct bank, telecommunications, storm water, and sanitary sewer. Soil nails and shotcrete below a slope were employed on one portion of the site where space and utilities allowed. Walers, tiebacks, and heel blocks were necessary where the electric duct bank was behind the wall, and a lack of an underground easement precluded the use of tiebacks.

Key Challenges & Project Details

  • The numerous underground utilities surrounding the site tested the design team to develop a comprehensive, cost-effective temporary excavation support system.