Wagman Heavy Civil Project

I-270 at Watkins Mill Road Interchange

  • Location

    Montgomery County, MD

  • Duration

    July 2017 – June 2020

The I-270 at Watkins Mill Road Interchange project was an $85 million project for the Maryland State Highway Administration to relieve congestion on one of Montgomery County’s most congested corridors. Construction plans included a new interchange on I-270 consisting of 14 structures, including a five span bridge over I-270 and a two span bridge along an off-ramp.

Key Challenges & Project Details

  • As part of the project scope, the relocation of approximately one mile of 48” waterline and 16” sewer line will be relocated.
  • In addition to the main structures, the project featured two box culverts, a 72” storm drain, and numerous cast-in-place and MSE retaining walls.
  • Extremely environmentally sensitive, the project included the complete reconstruction of a tributary of Seneca Creek, which extends for over a mile throughout the project limits.

Project Fun Facts

  • The project was bid as an A+B, which is a method of bidding that applies a cost per day to the proposed duration to complete the project.