Over the past 10 years, Wagman has expanded our Geotechnical Construction Services to include a multitude of geotechnical construction solutions, including the use of micropiles.

Geotechnical Construction Micropiles

Micropile at Pennsylvania State University Pegula Ice ArenaMicropiles are smaller diameter piles drilled and grouted in place which may consist of steel pipe, bar or hollow bar (self-drilling anchor) and can be used in conjunction with one another or by themselves. They can be used in compression, tension and shear. Micropiles are often used for foundation support in difficult environments, particularly for karst geology where sink holes and poor overburden soils are prevalent. Additionally, they are used where there is little vertical clearance such as retrofitting existing buildings or for bridge structures which lack overhead clearance for driven pile or caissons. Typically, micropiles are drilled through overburden soils and socketed into rock where capacities in excess of 500 tons may be possible in end bearing or friction; however micropiles can be installed in just soils, usually at lower capacities. Micropiles are extremely competitive with caissons and driven piles especially where difficult soils are present.

Wagman is dedicated to delivering comprehensive geotechnical construction solutions to provide a solid foundation for any project.

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Micropiles and Micropile Wall Projects

Delaware Water Gap
U.S. Route 209, Dingman Township, Pike County, PA

Delaware Water Gap

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Penn State University Pegula Ice Arena
State College, PA

Penn State University – Pegula Ice Arena

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