Wagman Concrete Group pioneered the idea for Rapid Set® Latex Modified Concrete (RSLMC) in 1989.

Rapid Set® Latex Modified Concrete (RSLMC) mix design was developed by Dow Chemical Company (now Trinseo) in conjunction with CTS Cement Co, Inc. Since 1989, RSLMC has continued to gain favor among many contractors and agencies across the nation.

Wagman Rapid Set Latex Modified Concrete application

In addition to the same benefits as Latex Modified Concrete, Rapid Set® Latex Modified Concrete offers the following advantages:

High Early Strength
Seven-day strength may be achieved in as little as 3 to 4 hours.

Reduced Public Inconvenience And Improved Safety
Most construction work can be performed during off-peak hours and traffic can be restored by the morning rush hour. The time required to perform the work is reduced and therefore results in fewer interruptions to traffic, especially on high volume roadways.

Lower Costs For Traffic Control
Concrete work can typically be performed without the use of costly temporary concrete barriers.

Low Shrinkage
Low shrinkage reduces the possibility of the concrete cracking.

For more information: View the AAHSTO Guidelines for the Use of Rapid Set® Cement in LMC

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William Preston Lane Jr. Memorial Bay Bridge

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