Wagman’s long-standing relationship with Trinseo (formerly Dow Chemical Company), along with BASF, has significantly contributed to Wagman’s reputation as a leading expert in Latex Modified Concrete.

Wagman Bonded Concrete Overlays

Latex Modified Concrete (LMC) is considered the “ideal repair material” and is primarily used as a thin bonded overlay to protect bridge decks and parking structures. As Latex Modified Concrete cures, the polymer forms internal plastic films and provides the following improvements to the concrete surface:

Low Permeability
The concrete’s internal plastic films reduce penetration of moisture and chloride ions, improving freeze-thaw resistance and protecting reinforcing steel from corrosion.

Low Modulus of Elasticity
The modulus of elasticity of LMC is 15% lower than conventional concrete, making the concrete less brittle and more flexible. This allows the concrete to withstand stresses that can cause premature cracking and delamination.

The bond strength of LMC will usually exceed the strength of the base concrete when applied to a properly prepared surface.

Abrasion tests revealed that LMC outperformed conventional concrete by 19-32% depending upon the particular test performed. While early estimates predicted that LMC overlays may have a service life of about 20 years, many of the original overlays have lasted over 30 years.

Bonded Concrete Overlays Projects

William Preston Lane Jr. Memorial Bay Bridge
Near Annapolis, MD

William Preston Lane Jr. Memorial Bay Bridge

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Wagman Latex Overlays

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