Wagman Geotechnical Construction Project

SR 180 Permanent Soil Nail and Shotcrete Wall

  • Location

    Williamsport, PA

  • Duration

    August 2015 - March 2016

Wagman’s Geotechnical Construction group’s $448,000 contract addressed construction challenges at Williamsport SR 180 for PennDOT. Wagman installed a permanent soil nail wall, located beneath two overpass bridges at the location of the SR 180 highway in Williamsport, PA.

The aesthetically pleasing wall is over 420 feet long and consists of more than 220 permanent soil nails with a permanent shotcrete face. The existing wall consisted of a three-foot thick gabion basket wall, which was leaning. Wagman straightened the wall and stabilized the failing baskets in the final design. The project was part of PennDOT’s regeneration of the bike path below the bridge to stabilize the failing gabion basket wall.

Key Challenges & Project Details

  • Loose soils and installation of materials through gabion baskets presented unique challenges for drilling, grouting and bar installation during construction.
  • Wagman stabilized the failing wall by drilling and installing soil nails through fill material, boulders and poor soil conditions.