Wagman Construction Project

YMCA of York and York County – Southern Branch Expansion

  • Location

    Shrewsbury, PA

  • Owner

    YMCA of York and York County

  • Architect

    Murphy & Dittenhafer Architects

The YMCA of York and York County expanded its offerings at its Southern York Branch located in Shrewsbury, Pa. Designed by York-based Murphy & Dittenhafer Architects, the project added approximately 15,000 SF of space to the existing YMCA building.

A new warm-water therapeutic pool was added, complementing the branch’s existing eight-lane swimming pool. The project also included a new full-size gymnasium that provides coveted indoor recreational space. The gymnasium features a basketball court, two smaller perpendicular courts, and a volleyball court.

The addition also included new restrooms, storage rooms, and a space to house mechanical services.

Key Challenges & Project Details

  • 15,000 SF expansion.
  • While working in occupied space, temporary dust partitions and a stud and plywood construction tunnel were placed through the gymnasium addition for safe egress passage away from the building.
  • The gymnasium, constructed with steel columns and exposed steel beams, features a durable maple wood floor, clear glass windows to let in natural light, and acoustic wall panels covered with colored fabric.

Project Fun Facts

  • The new gym will serve many functions outside of recreational use. The Living Hope Church, located in Shrewsbury, Pa., will have a new space to hold its Sunday services. A raised platform, separated from the court area, will serve as an altar or stage.

  • Wagman has completed multiple projects for the YMCA of York and York County and is proud to be a community and construction partner.