Wagman Construction Project

Member’s 1st Federal Credit Union – Millersville Commons

  • Location

    Millersville, PA

  • Owner

    Member’s 1st Federal Credit Union

  • Architect

    Willigerod & MacAvoy Architects, PC

Wagman provided construction services for the new Member’s 1st Federal Credit Union – Millersville Common branch.

Construction involved selective sitework and the addition of the 2,626 SF single-story brick veneer facility. Included within the branch is four offices, a lobby with work room, three teller windows, two restrooms, safe, drive-thru with vacuum air tube and ATM, and a new parking lot with LED lighting.

Wagman paid particular attention to the various areas requiring detailed work. A tremendous amount of architectural design went into the design of the facility. Wagman ensured the architect’s detail and owner’s vision coincided throughout the entire process.