Wagman Construction Project

Baker Tilly

  • Location

    York, PA

  • Owner

    Baker Tilly

  • Architect

    Ada Tremonte Architect

Wagman completed renovations to the 2nd and 3rd floors of Baker Tilly. Recently, the full-service accounting and advisory firm nearly tripled its staff, and the renovations created more office space to support the company’s expansion. New paint, electrical wiring, and flooring was added to the 1,500 SF 2nd floor.

The third floor was fitted with new wall layouts with colorful accent walls to create an upbeat and comfortable environment. Flooring and carpet were replaced totaling at approximately 3,500 SF. In addition the office now features a new kitchenette and a recreational common area for staff to relax.

Key Challenges & Project Details

  • 5,000 SF of office renovations located in the Susquehanna Commerce Center
  • Project features included new paint, flooring and carpet, a new kitchenette and recreational common area
  • Completed by Wagman’s Special Projects Group