Wagman Construction Project

York Revolution Baseball Stadium – Skybox Level Renovations

  • Location

    York, PA

  • Owner

    York Revolution

  • Architect

    Murphy & Dittenhafer Architects

Wagman’s Special Projects Group completed skybox level renovations at York Revolution Baseball Stadium.

The stadium’s former White Rose Hall was converted into the 1741 Club, named for the year York, Pa. was founded. The space is targeted as an attractive and relaxed venue for businesses taking out memberships with the York Revolution. The venue features new ceilings, windows that can be opened to overlook the field, and new seating and food areas. A portion of the venue, the Lafayette Room, can be partitioned off for private events.

Down the hallway from the 1741 Club, five skyboxes along the first base side were repurposed to be used as nightly baseball game rentals or private meeting events throughout the year. The Monarch Room and the Solomon Room can be used as one venue to host a total of 70 people or as separate entities by using a divider.

Key Challenges & Project Details

  • 3,200 SF commercial event space.
  • Renovations were completed before the 2019 opening season.
  • Wagman also completed the pre-construction and construction for the stadium when the ballpark originally opened in 2007.

Project Fun Facts

  • The Lafayette Room is named after the Frenchman Marquis de Lafayette, who is known for his role in the Battle of Yorktown.

  • Both the Monarch Room and Solomon Room pay tribute to York’s African-American baseball history: The Colored Monarchs, who played in York for one year in 1890 and King Solomon White, who was the second baseman for the Monarchs. He played 54 games in York before moving on to other teams.