Wagman Construction Project

Bucknell University HVAC

  • Location

    Lewisburg, PA

  • Duration

    August 2020

Wagman Construction completed renovations to the existing dorm rooms at McDonnell Hall, on Bucknell University’s campus. Due to poor heating and cooling conditions, Wagman ran new ductwork throughout 158 dorm rooms and insulated new and existing pipes.

To achieve this, Wagman built bulkheads and cut through both concrete floors and CMU walls. Once the new ductwork was run and the pipes were insulated, the newly built bulkheads were closed in, prepped and painted.

Key Challenges & Project Details

  • There were existing electrical wires located in the CMU walls where cuts needed to be made. Wagman coordinated with the architect to relocate the duct work, successfully avoiding wires during the cuts. Additionally, Wagman coordinated with the engineer to cut through a structural chord located in the floor, without compromising structural integrity of the building. Both of these conflicts created delays, but with increased manpower and longer shifts, the team was able to maintain the schedule.
  • Since the work was performed in a dorm room, it had to be complete over the summer, prior to students returning to campus. This restraint was challenging due to the existing conditions causing schedule delays. However, Wagman was able to complete the project prior to the start of the school year.